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Clear Quartz Plus Hematite Diamond Cut Bracelet For Mental Clarity

Clear Quartz Plus Hematite Diamond Cut Bracelet For Mental Clarity

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Healing Properties: Meditation, Positive Vibrations, Mental Clarity, Calmness, Harmony, Cleansing, Purification, Psychic Abilities, Dispelling Negative Energy, Master Healer, Chakras Stability, Intuition, Stores, Releases and Regulate Energy, Concentration
AFFIRMATION: I focus on my goals and on my way to achieving them. I am protected. I create health, happiness, and harmony for myself and the people around me.
Element: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Space
Bagua Areas: Dui (Associated with the completion of projects and children)
Colour:- Transparent and White
Chakra: All chakra (Especially for crown chakra)
Zodiac: All birth signs
Planet: Sun
Birth Month: April

Beads Size : 10mm
How to use:-

  1. Wear the bracelet on your left hand to channel the energy into your body and set positive intentions for the day.
  2. Combining Clear Quartz and Hematite promotes a harmonious balance between clarity and grounding. The clear energy of Quartz paired with the stabilizing influence of Hematite creates a powerful synergy, helping you maintain equilibrium throughout the day.
NOTE:- To Be Charged with Moon Water, Moon Light, Rain Water, Sage, Palo Santo, singing bowls And Incense
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Customer Reviews

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Debashree MAJHI

After wearing I got little calmer and got to know that before i was not understanding things only reacting which not only made me negative but also unhappy.But now I can see things as it is.thank you for the crystal..

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does clear quartz do?
Ans. Clear quartz amplifies energy, enhances clarity, and promotes healing.

2. Who can wear clear quartz?
Ans. Anyone can wear clear quartz, as it is a versatile crystal beneficial for all.

3. When to wear clear quartz?
Ans. Wear clear quartz whenever you need mental clarity, energy amplification, or healing support.

4. Can clear quartz go in water?
Ans. Yes, clear quartz can be placed in water for short periods.

5. Can clear quartz be in the sun?
Ans. Yes, but prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause fading.

6. Where should clear quartz be placed?
Ans. Place clear quartz in areas where you need enhanced clarity and energy, such as your workspace or meditation area.

7. Which chakra is clear quartz for?
Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra.

8. Why is my clear quartz turning yellow?
Ans. Clear quartz can turn yellow due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or impurities within the stone.

9. Why is my clear quartz cracking?
Ans. Clear quartz can crack due to physical stress, sudden temperature changes, and exposure to strong negative energies. Additionally, not being properly charged and cleansed for a long time during usage can also contribute to cracking.

10. Why did my clear quartz break?
Clear quartz may break due to accidental impact or inherent flaws. It could also break if it has served its purpose, is not resonating with you, or if you need to cleanse your aura first.

11. Do I need to wear clear quartz all day?
Ans. No, you do not need to wear clear quartz all day. Remove it before going to sleep and wear it the next day after taking a shower.

12. When to avoid wearing clear quartz?
For detailed guidance, read our article on "When to Avoid Wearing Crystals".

13. How to charge clear quartz?
Ans. Charge clear quartz by placing it in moonlight during the full moon, or by using a selenite plate.

14. Why is clear quartz costly?
Ans. Clear quartz from our website is of AAA quality and personally charged by Dr. Neeti Kaushik, making it more valuable due to its enhanced purity and energy alignment.