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Amethyst Raw Cluster For Anxiety Reduction

Amethyst Raw Cluster For Anxiety Reduction

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Healing Properties: Spiritual Awakening, Release of Addictions, Protection, Healing, Psychic Abilities, Meditation, Inner Peace, Protection, Focus, Transformation, Sleep, and Dreams, Breaking Addictions
AFFIRMATION: I surrender myself to the higher powers who want me to thrive spiritually while enjoying myself materially.
Element: Water, Air
Bagua Areas:- Xun (Wealth), Qian (Helpful People)
Colour:- Mauve, Violet, and Deep Purple
Chakra: Third eye and Crown chakra
Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces
Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Birthstone: February

Crystal Weight :- 1kg to 1.5kg grams Approx.
You may use it in the following ways...

  1. Position your amethyst cluster in a prominent area of your living space, such as the living room or bedroom. Amethyst clusters work well in open spaces where their energy can radiate freely.
  2. For optimal energy flow, place the amethyst cluster in the southwest direction of the room. This direction is associated with the energy of love and relationships, making it an ideal placement for enhancing harmony and balance in your environment.

NOTE:- Never charge or leave an amethyst in sun or else it will lose its color

* Limited Pieces Available *

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are Crystals?

The term crystals is widely used to describe
rough or polished rocks, minerals and tumbled stones. They
accumulate unique vibrational energies through mineral formations that take
place over thousands to millions of years.

Q2. How do we select a Crystal?

  • First,
    identify the area of your life you need to heal
  • Research
    the relevant crystals recommended for the concerned purpose.
  • For
    selecting a crystal as per zodiac sign or for a specific reason visit the website

Q3. How do you “charge” a crystal?

  • Set
    your crystals in the moonlight for calm, intuitive energy.
  • Place
    the crystals in the sunlight for active energy.

 Q4. How can I cleanse my crystals?

  • Use
    running water to refresh your crystals.
  • Submerge
    your crystals in salt water for healing or 
    in a bowl of dry salt for earth energy.
  • Burn
    sage or Palo Santo for sacred energy
  • Purify
    and charge your crystals simultaneously with sound.

Safe to wash:
Quartz, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst, etc.

Do not wash:
Selenite, Calcite, Gypsum, Malachite, Satin Spar, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli,
Turqoise, Desert Rose, etc.

Q5. How often should I cleanse them?

Once in a Month.

Q6. What to do when Crystal break?

Return them to nature. Often times when I've
had crystals break I bring them to the ocean, throw them in, and thank them for
their life. Return them to the earth. It's incredibly beneficial for plant life
to bury crystals within their soil.

Q7. How do I place an order for an
International Address?

Currently, we do not ship at an international

Q8. How does the Free Shipping work?

We are happy to offer free standard shipping
to all addresses in the India. You can read more about the Shipping Policies.

Q9. The item I like is out of stock. When is
it coming back?

If the item you are looking for is out of
stock, just contact us directly or ask your question on the product page and we
will answer you there. You can click the "in stock alert" on the
product page and we'll notify you when the item is back in stock.

Q10. Do your stones come with certificates of

It takes a certified meteorologist,
mineralogist, or gemologist to be able to determine the composition of the
specimen in the lab.

The certificate of authenticity can be
arranged for an extra charge.

Q11. Can we give people Crystals as a gift?

Yes, Crystals and stones can make powerful
gifts because they reflect the intimate knowledge you have of a friend's life
and your understanding of their innermost needs and desires.