we all know that clarity of purpose is one of the foundations of success. while most of us understand and implement this concept in our professional lives, not many of us utilize this concept when it comes to selecting a crystal for ourselves. since the world of crystals is not a familiar terrain for most people, we have designed a simple and systematic roadmap to help you through the entire process of selecting the right crystal based on your needs.

To begin with, the first thing that each one of you needs to understand is that before you can think of drawing benefits from the use of crystals you need to truly believe in the miraculous power these gorgeous-looking crystals possess. The very fact that you are on this website, is proof enough that you have some degree of belief in them. However, remember half-hearted beliefs will lead to half-hearted results. So, buckle up, and expect the best to receive the best.

To start your journey, first off ask yourself why do I want to purchase a Crystal. Identifying your “WHY” will not only give you the clarity and intention which is the cornerstone for the successful use of any crystal but will also lead you to the right Crystals which will help you achieve your ardent desire. For your convenience we have listed a few categories of purposes to select from and hope that this will serve as a roadmap for your journey ahead:

  1. Abundance and a Healthy Life.
  2. Love and happiness in your relationships.
  3. New projects bringing in prosperity and fulfilment.
  4. Spiritual Progress and Awakening.
  5. Protection, Cleansing and overall Wellness.
  6. Success in Manifesting.
  7. Chakra Balancing.
  8. Selection of Crystal based on Zodiac Sign.

Once you identify the category which resonates the most with you, we suggest that you read about the properties, purposes, cleansing processes and charging methods of the Crystals that fall under your chosen category of purpose. After you go through this basic information you’ll be able to identify the crystal (in a physical store or online) which resonates the most with you and can then begin the most powerful transformation of your life.

Having said this, it is important to state two facts. The first is that while you can expect the crystal to bring about some wonderful changes in your life, this is a process and will not be an overnight miracle so it is advised that you keep your expectations realistic. And secondly, we want you to remember that if at any point in time you need help in your identification of the purpose, the selection of the crystal or any other aspect of this journey we will be glad to handhold you in a more detailed manner and providing you with the necessary support.

Best Wishes!!

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