Most of us are aware of how immensely beneficial crystals are, however, we are not completely aware of the precautions which need to be taken when using these wonderful therapeutic gems. It is important to note that each crystal requires different precautions to be taken in order to maximize the benefits which one can draw from it.

Let us look through some of the general precautions which will prove to maximize the benefits we draw from these powerful gems.

  1. Don’t Forget to Cleanse the Crystal: Cleansing seems like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, many people don’t understand the importance of cleansing the crystals. Let me explain; when a person first purchases the crystal, he follows the guidelines and cleanses the crystal and begins using it. However, with the passage of time, most people either get lazy or forget that the crystals have to be cleansed periodically.
    Remember, the crystals work by absorbing the negativity around us and emitting the positivity they hold. For us to receive the clean and gorgeous energy it emits we need to ensure the crystal is cleansed and does not continue to hold any negativity that it has absorbed from around us. Thus, periodic cleansing is the first rule for deriving maximum benefit from the crystal in the long run.
  2. Don’t Self-Prescribe Crystals: Crystals hold powerful energy within them and are known for their ability to transform lives. However, remember that just as a perfectly chosen crystal can positively transform your life, if you randomly pick a crystal without understanding its level of vibration and purpose you could be in for a problem. Crystals are a subject which requires attention to detail and should be ventured into, only with the guidance of an expert.
  3. Don’t Let Others Wear Your Crystal: Crystals not only emit energy but also absorb the negative energy from the person wearing them. So, when we let someone else wear our crystal, we not only risk passing our negative energy to them but also put ourselves at risk of absorbing their negative energy when we take it back and wear it again. So, it is best to be mindful and avoid giving anyone your crystal.
  4. Avoid Exposing Crystals to Seawater or Sea Salt: While sea salt and seawater are known to carry their own strong vibrations and healing properties, it is extremely important for you to remember that Crystals carry their own powerful vibration which needs to be maintained separately. Do not make the mistake of exposing your crystals to sea salt or washing them in seawater if you are unaware of the composition and properties of your crystal. With the correct knowledge, you could be having the intention of cleansing the crystal but would actually end up damaging it unknowingly.
  5. Avoid Sunlight Utilize the Earth & Moonlight: The Sun as we all know carries extremely powerful rays which can be harmful to the crystals unless you are sure about the exact charging process and exposure time of your crystal. For best  results, it is advised that you either charge the crystal in moonlight or simply bury your crystal in the earth for 48 hours - which is where the crystals originate from.

Most stores which sell crystals, provide you with an instructional manual which guides you on the properties of the crystals, their specific purpose and how to cleanse them. For best results, keep it simple and just follow the instructions as guided.

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