What Do Crystals Do

What Do Crystals Do

Talk about the alternate therapies and you will certainly hear about the healing crystals – basically fossilized minerals formed by the solidifying of molten rocks due to varying temperatures and pressure. These amazing stones are believed to hold therapeutic properties which help people achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellness as well as attract good luck in the form of money-making opportunities and career growth.

So how exactly do crystals achieve this?

The proponents of healing crystals believe that these amazing stones hold the key to a whole new world of possibilities:

  • Attract money-making and career opportunities by harmonizing your energy in a way which attracts opportunities.
  • They entwine their powerful and positive energy with your energy protecting you from all forms of negativity.
  • They are powerful catalysts in one’s journey from self-care to self-realization.
  • Crystals draw in the positive vibrations conducive to one’s well-being and repel all toxic negative vibrations.
  • Their use causes smooth energy flow in the chakras which in turn ensures health and vitality.
  • Crystals also promote the smooth functioning of gadgets because they blend and synchronize with the frequency of gadgets.


Additionally, since crystals are minerals that are naturally formed without human intervention, they carry the energies of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Water making them amicable with the energies of our chakras and helping us achieve enhanced physical, mental and spiritual growth.


Having explained the basics of exactly how crystals work, it is important to state that your belief system about the efficacy of crystals plays an extremely important role in the benefits you will be able to draw from these amazing healing crystals. If you decide to wear a crystal simply because someone forced you to wear one, it is natural that you will not be able to derive the maximum benefit from them.


To truly see visible changes through the use of these healing crystals you should ideally:

  • Purchase a crystal based on your needs and the properties of the crystal.
  • Cleanse it as per the guidelines about that particular crystal (the cleansing process varies from crystal to crystal).
  • Charge it regularly based on guidelines.
  • Talk to Crystal and state your intention and expectation from it (as if you were talking to your friend).
  • Truly believe that just as your friend will help you out in your time of need so will the Crystal.
  • Begin using it either by placing it close to yourself or wearing it as jewellery.


Last but not the least, you should pair the properties and energy of the crystals with your own powerful, positive thoughts so that your belief in the crystal enhances the energy of the crystal and helps you benefit from it. While this would take a little time and effort, the results are going to be well worth it.

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