The Transformative Power of Sodalite

The Transformative Power of Sodalite

Are you one of those people who experiences some form of uneasiness regardless of having comfortable life? Are you looking for that one crystal which could be that one missing piece that makes your life more fulfilling?


Well, if you have answered Yes! then this is surely for you.



Sodalite is the answer to your search because this is one of the most powerful crystals which is not only capable of increasing your intuitive abilities but will also ensure that you lead a truly abundant life in all spheres of your life.


So, how can you benefit from this powerful and amazing crystal?


  • Identify and Capitalize on Opportunities:


Sodalite is a crystal which is associated with both, the third-eye chakra (between the eyebrows) and the crown chakra. This is one of the best crystals to meditate with if you wish to enhance your intuitive abilities. Simply hold the crystal on either of your chakras based on your preference and meditate with the crystal requesting it to increase your intuition and help you identify the opportunities and nudges that the Universe gives you.


  • Enhance Rational Thinking:



The properties of Sodalite include stimulation of the intellect, clarity of thought and most importantly the enhancement of rational thinking. As a result of this, most individuals witness reduced levels of stress and anxiety and lead a much more fulfilling and balanced life.


  • Profit from Sound Judgement:


Since it is associated with the third-eye and crown chakras, it helps increase one’s intuitive abilities helping one make sound decisions and take calculated risks which, more often than not, turn out to be extremely beneficial.


  • Stimulate your Creativity:


This crystal is perfect for those who wish to channel the universal energy for their creative endeavours. Simply wearing the crystal with the intention of stimulating creativity in the field of music, writing and sculpting etc. is believed to have shown tremendous results in the past.


  • Transform and Heal:


The transformative power of Sodalite can be activated by meditating with the crystal, by using it during energy work and while practicing various forms of healing. This is the primary reason why many practitioners of alternate therapies use Sodalite during their healing sessions.


While all crystals carry their own unique vibrational frequency and power, the benefits which each individual draws depend on the individual’s consistent practice, belief and effective use of the crystal.


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